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Flirting Tips

Learn how to flirt well, then do this from the start in your interactions with women to start the correct tone. Think of flirting like that of playing a game.

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Learn How to Flirt

Everyone experiences flirting at some stage in their life, whether it is intentional or unintentional and it plays a very important part in finding that special person which could possibly lead to a thriving relationship. The key principle of flirting is to send out signals to others that you are attracted to them and would like to get closer to them.

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Singles,ever Wondered to yourself - is That Guy Flirting With Me? - Flirting Signs

Image yourself at a social occasion, you are feeling groovy about yourself and in the mode for some light-hearted play.

You're introduced to that guy you've had your eye on, and he commences sending out all these friendly signs. You are imagining this will be entertaining. The solitary issue is your flirting radar can't make it out...

Is he flirting or simply being hospitable? Is he scouting for available singles?

Therefore how do you distinguish the difference i.e is he flirting or simply being respectable?

Interpreting how guys think is the first hurdle. They tend to think to a lesser extent about flirting than girls do, for example, our experience shows guys merely do not talk about flirting as much as filles do.

Allow us give you a thought of what we intend. Many guys in our experience are seeking a quick resolution, a '10 point plan' you can conform to and bam you get your wanted result.

e.g "tell me how to draw the girls". Girls tend to inquire to us "is he flirting - how do I know if he is actually flirting or not?" not so often for guys.

Girls nonetheless generally love the mental process of flirting and interpreting how he and she flirts with other people, the different nuances, the teasing, the conquest and likely know a little more about flirting signs.

Bear in mind it is not uncommon for guys not to be so caught up in the flirting process. They are to a greater extent likely to 'steer' a conversation, to acquire the wanted result, instead than let the ballet of setting up rapport occur by nature.

This is where it may be hard to interpret - is he flirting or not?

There are of course male singles who are into the art of chatting, the give and take of flirting and love the ebb and flow implicated. Female singles will normally recognise if he is flirting with them.

There are a lot nevertheless who simply are not self-generated flirts and are less preoccupied with conversation for conversation's sake. They become bored or unsuccessful by it.

Do not get upset or discomfited by this - its just translating the male brain. Males can be very intent driven and less committed to the process of being a flirt.

This isn't to say they aren't stimulated when they flirt - indeed equally as much as girls. He normally has less experience though and occasionally can be less adept in the skill of romantic flirting.

Here are a few tell tale signs he is flirting with you:

N.B Its significant to note we are searching clusters of 3 or more of these signs. Reports have shown and our experience for certain backs this up - you need a cluster of signals pointed at you for you to be truly sure.

  • Fondling his tie or smoothing his lapel - precisely like the animals in the jungle we begin to preen ourselves if we are attracted and flirting with singles.
  • Lengthy eye contact - one of the tell tale signals to watch out for. So however do you differentiate - is he flirting? - look out to ascertain if he does this more than once - whenever its aimed at you its a good signal.
  • Tightening up of body posture - a more rigid position can be a tell tale preindication he wants to appear his finest for you.
  • Slanting in during conversation - a good way to ascertain if he is interested is to be suggestive of and whisper something suchlike a secret - if he slants in or calls for you to speak up its a good sign.
  • Offers you a beverage - good sign particularly if its exclusively you he asks.
  • Flushing in the face - one of the irrepressible tell tale signs he is interested. There are a few small gestures around the face we can't fake such as twitching or nerves.
  • He will try anything to make you express joy - many guys are more at ease playing around or having a laugh. This is a great indication he is flirting with you. Discover how he responds when you laugh as well. Male singles love to see their girls pleased and a potential partner is no exclusion.
  • Immediate look away after eye contact - men and women both do this when they are fascinated.
  • Wink - a wink could work or fall flat like a lead balloon. Its imparts the recipient with little uncertainty though!
  • Look away, look back - female singles tend to do this more but male singles could be a bit cheeky and timid at the corresponding time. Whenever he looks back once more its a very big sign. To a greater extent than once and he is unquestionably flirting with you.
  • Grin with eye contact - we recognise this straightforward one is what the girls genuinely like, and it works like a charm!

What if he will not flirt with me?

A lot of guys simply aren't into the flirtation thing straight away. All the same there is good news.

We think every guy flirts given the right condition. Try a few of these little angles to see if he will flirt with you.

Flirting online is a great way to get your feet wet. Online dating sites and chat rooms provide an anonymous environment for singles to flirt without some of the harsh realities we experience in the offline world. For shy singles, try the internet and check out the online dating world. Online dating sites should not be excluded as an option for meeting singles in this day and age.

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