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Flirting Tips

Learn how to flirt well, then do this from the start in your interactions with women to start the correct tone. Think of flirting like that of playing a game.

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Single...flirting...and Loving it

If there is one advantage that single men and women have over the taken ones, then it's most definitely the unlimited flirting. When one is single and unattached, there is no linit to how much and how far he or she flirts.

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How To Flirt With Your Date

Dating can never be exciting enough without flirting. Many of you are there who never learnt this act but gradually became expert with experience or this was your inner instinct that taught you all those tricks. When you see a person is staring at you in a crowded party and chuckling with a hint of pamper in his eyes, and then you know that this is a perfect example of flirting.

They will gradually come closer to you, smile and start talking to you. They will never be less in praising you. Now the body language of a person plays an important role in flirting or you can say that flirting initiates with various body movements and facial expressions.

If you are not flirting with your date then you do not know how to charm him or her. Almost every normal person on the earth will like to hear praise from their dates. So before you go for a date, make sure you have mastered the art of flirting.

Role of eyes in flirting

Always maintain eye contact with your date. You can also arch your eye brows to make the look even more interesting. Never miss a single move she makes and screen her thoroughly from top to bottom. Sometimes the winks can work wonders in signaling the girls or even the boys. Blinking your eyes fast is another aspect of flirting. Try to make the stares longer and appreciate her looks with your eyes.

How to use your hair and mouth?

While you are looking at your date with a sweet and inviting smile on your face make casual movements with your finger and hair. Roll them or stroke them the way you like. But the eye contact should be maintained while doing these movements. Licking your lips will give a strong signal to the men you are trying to flirt with. Girls can pucker their lips making the gesture of kissing and drive their dates crazy. The teeth, lips and tongue are capable enough to add a lot of effects to flirting.

How to use the body movements?

You can make thrusting movements with your breasts or chest to attract your date while you keep your eyes fixed on theirs. If there is a music going on in the background then this is a good idea to move with the beats while you are looking at them. You can also play with your hands and gradually try and do that with their hands. Feeding them is another trick of flirting that you can use to impress the dates.

Your words are another weapon of yours to flirt well with the date. Use them perfectly and make your date the most interesting one.

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