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Flirting Tips

Learn how to flirt well, then do this from the start in your interactions with women to start the correct tone. Think of flirting like that of playing a game.

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Single...flirting...and Loving it

If there is one advantage that single men and women have over the taken ones, then it's most definitely the unlimited flirting. When one is single and unattached, there is no linit to how much and how far he or she flirts.

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Neil Strauss has Game

As you probably know, I have become quite an expert on fast pick-ups. But there's one little problem. You see, even though guys that can pull these off enjoy not only success with women straight out of a fantasy world and typically get women obsessed with them, with a fast pick-up comes a big problem. ********************************************** SOMETIMES FAST LAYS DON'T BECOME RELATIONSHIPS ********************************************** Sometimes a fast pick-up becomes a one-night stand, and never converts into a relationship. And well, if that was your intention, fine.

But a lot of times, you DO want to see the woman again - or possibly start a RELATIONSHIP with her. Here's something you might not already know - EVERY woman I have slept with in the past 2 years has been under 4 hours. And EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

wanted to see me again. Am I saying this to brag? Hell no. I'm only saying this so that you can realize the immense amount of value I can offer you as a client of mine, and to prove a very important point: "POTENTIAL TO START A RELATIONSHIP WITH A GIRL HAS *NOTHING* TO DO WITH HOW FAST YOU SLEEP WITH HER" In fact there are three major keys to continuing an intimate relationship with a woman.

And I feel it's time to debunk a few myths about this. ***************************** 3 MYTHS ABOUT FAST PICK UPS ***************************** MYTH #1: You must "build comfort" with a woman for 7+ hours before sleeping with her. As I stated before, it has nothing to do with the amount of time you spend with her before you sleep with her.

In fact it has almost NOTHING to do with anything you do before you sleep with her in fact, the secret lies in what you do AFTER you sleep with her. I have got it down to an exact science. A series of actions and behaviors that practically guarantee she will not only see you again, but also be borderline obsessed with you. Nothing fancy, no routines or lines. just natural behaviors that a person can learn in less than five minutes. Would you like to know the REALITY of this situation? The reality is some of the hottest, most intelligent women I have dated LOVED the excitement of getting physical really fast.

It's straight out of the movies, and very few guys can pull it off skillfully. MYTH #2: You need to reassure her that you will see her again before sleeping with her. Many guys try this. they imply that the girl is "relationship material" or that he definitely wants to see her again. Man.

what a way to kill intrigue right off the bat. Guys do this and tend to come on wayyyy to strong. They appear too interested, too needy, to desperate to get a girlfriend. But at the same time you should NEVER imply that it's a one night stand, or that you're just interested in bed.

This isn't very effective either. MYTH #3: You have to be great in bed the first time you sleep with her. One of my good friends, Julian, who is admittedly bad in bed and only lasts for about 3 minutes converts girls like *CRAZY*. Point being, he is NOT good in bed (his choice), and STILL gets girls so crazy about him, they won't leave him alone.

(so he ends up playing Gears of War on his XBox360 while they sit there naked, watching him.) At this point you may be thinking. ********************************************* "BUT VIN, THIS IS TOO ADVANCED, I STILL HAVE PROBLEMS PICKING UP AND SLEEPING WITH HER!" ********************************************* I understand. But listen.

This is important information that you're going to need soon anyway. And let's be honest - when you DO start sleeping with women - wouldn't you rather have the CHOICE to see them again or not? That's what I thought.

Vin DiCarlo is a professional pick up artist trainer, who's highly controversial website may be found at


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